Online, live on location and e-learning

The e-learning combined with a Webinar offers a perfect mix of the theoretical knowledge you gain during the e-learning and your own practical experience linked to it during explanation the Webinar. You can choose from 6 different modules for composting and 7 modules for cultivation.

The e-learning contains not only text, but also photos, illustrations and videos. The questions in the e-learning test your knowledge and you receive immediate feedback on your answers. Completion of the e-learning is followed by an exam, which you must successfully complete before you can participate in the Webinar.

During Webinar, the trainer, Mark den Ouden will interact with you and other participants. He will answer individual questions. The participants’ experiences can be exchanged, linking the theoretical knowledge gained in the e-learning to the participants’ daily practice.

oktober 29, 2024

The structure and degree of degradation of raw materials during pre-mix and pre-wet are crucial factors for producing mushroom compost. In this e-learning and online live training course, you will learn how to optimize these factors.

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