Mushroom growers or composters like you are kept busy with the daily running of your farm or compost yard.

This blog offers you plenty of handy tips. Maybe some of the tips are familiar, or
describe quite logical situations. But there might also be some situations you have
never really thought about before.

So how are things managed on your farm or composting yard? Perhaps there are
some things you could do better or differently!

A new blog will be published here every month.


August 30, 2023

Scaling of Mushrooms

We all know the cause of scales! Too much air movement and/or too dry air. However, the wrong solution is often chosen. This decision

May 5, 2023

Fan speed

To grow perfect quality mushrooms, creating a stable climate is essential. A stable climate is determined by the fresh air inlet, the cooling and

December 3, 2018

Recovering Period

Mycelium has to grow toward the surface where it develops pinheads. How do you achieve this? By not using the cooling! Common mistakes: You set

June 1, 2018

Mollier diagram

What is the absolute moisture content of the air? Or the enthalpy of the air? More and more growers have a handy app that

October 1, 2017

Mycelium fails to develop properly – what now?

You have started cool down, but the mycelium fails to develop properly in the casing soil. The surface of the casing soil stays black.

February 28, 2017

How to steer pinhead development

A good spread during the first flush gives much higher production. But during pinhead out grow how can growers steer towards precisely the right

October 19, 2016

Floor humidity

If you want to maintain a natural climate in the growing room during the recovery period until about five days after ventilation you should

September 1, 2016

Activity and fan settings

The difference between the compost  temperature and the air temperature is known as activity. Activity is the main energy source of the mushroom: without

May 15, 2016

Air inlet Temperature

Did you know that the air inlet temperature can cause poor quality in mushrooms? In my work as an advisor I notice that growers

February 1, 2016

Climate in the mushroom growing room

All growers recognise the importance of climate in the mushroom growing room. How the climate feels when you enter the mushroom growing room is


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