Online, live on location and e-learning


Based on the Mushroom Signals book, we developed an e-course. An interactive course you can attend on your desktop, laptop and even on your mobile phone. By reading the explanation and watching the videos you will get a lot of information about mushroom cultivation. Later on you will get questions about the matter to answer. After answering, you automatically receive feedback about your answers. On the end of the course, you will take an exam that will lead to a valuable certificate.

Several modules are available. The “Essentials” module provides a solid foundation. Here you will learn everything from raw materials to harvesting mushrooms. This is followed by more comprehensive modules that deepen both composting (6 modules) and cultivation (7 modules).

You can take the e-learning in your own time. While individual guidance is limited, if you prefer more support, you can opt to combine the e-learning with a Webinar.


Mushroom Office is due summer holidays closed from

July 14 to August 7

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