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In mushroom growing there are many roads that lead to Rome. The key question is not which road you take but why you take it. This question is often difficult to answer. The answer will give you an understanding of your composting and growing processes and how to improve them. I guide you through all this with  courses, e-learning, and advice. And together we discover ways of improving your bottom line. Because that is ultimately what it is all about. E-learning in combination with live training: more effective and efficient learning. Our new learning solution offers (mobile) e-learning products in our Mushroom Online Study Centre, combined with live training (classroom or by skype).

Study program Composting

Making good compost is the foundation of succesful mushroom growing. For composters and anyone interested in making compost, the Mushroom Signals Composting study program has been developed.
Online Mushroom Course


Do you want to train your customers or employees? Mushroom Office organises courses, lectures and presentations in every part of the world, at every level of knowledge. 

Study program Growing

Mushroom grower or interested in mushroom growing? The Mushroom Signals Growing study programme has been developed for you! Various courses follow the process from filling the growing room, via cooling-down to the flushes up to cook-out.

Essentials courses

New in the mushroom business or working in composting/growing but interested in the total mushroom production process? Then the essential course is perfect you!


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Mushroom growers or composters like you are kept busy with the daily running of your farm or compost yard. This blog offers you plenty of handy tips. Maybe some of the tips are familiar, or describe quite logical situations. But there may also be some situations you have never really thought about before.

January 31, 2024

The usefulness of straw in mushroom cultivation

Straw is an important ingredient in compost production for mushroom cultivation. Why do we need straw? Straw has three functions: It creates structure in

August 30, 2023

Scaling of Mushrooms

We all know the cause of scales! Too much air movement and/or too dry air. However, the wrong solution is often chosen. This decision



Mushroom growing is not an exact science. To learn how you can see, understand and act to mushroom signals in the right way is an art. And this art can be mastered. The process of successful mushroom growing starts with a proper assessment of raw materials needed for optimal compost. When it comes to mushroom growing, it is the challenge that you react adequately to changing growth circumstances in order to achieve a good or even better growth result. ‘Mushroom Signals’ will show you how to put this into daily practice. Mushroom Signals is available in the English, Dutch, Chinese, Russian and Polish language.

Mushroom Signals (English edition)

Mushroom Signals (Dutch edition)

Mushroom Signals (Polish edition)

Mushroom Signals (Chinese edition)

Mushroom Signals (Russian edition)


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