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It is difficult to find good information about the pests and diseases that affect mushroom growing. This blog offers you handy tips on where to find good sources of information.

Extensive reports

The results of most studies are published in the form of extensive reports. But for growers concerned with the daily practicalities of mushroom cultivation, these weighty reports soon disappear unread into a drawer. The MushTV project is a highly positive departure from this trend.

A consortium of research institutes and companies in Ireland, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom jointly run the MushTV project. In the framework of this project, the leading researchers in Europe made a joint study into Trichoderma agressivum, Brown Cap Mushroom Virus (associated with Virus X), the use of chemical disinfectants and mould diseases in mushrooms and how to control them.

Fact sheets

The results of research performed by MushTV are summarised in practical fact sheets. These fact sheets clearly show what a mould infection or Brown Cap Mushroom Virus (Virus X) looks like. You can also read a brief summary of how the disease spreads through your farm or compost facility, and the preventive steps you can take. Have you read the fact sheets yet? If you haven’t, then I strongly advise you to do so! If the disease does occur on your farm, the fact sheets will help you quickly decide which measures will have the fastest results on your farm.

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Pest and diseases information - mushroom growth


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