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Training and courses for the mushroom industry

Are you looking for training or courses on composting or mushroom growing? Our Mushroom Signals program offers courses, training and e-learning at different levels. Educate your employees or clients with our blended learning approach. From e-learning to online training and masterclasses, from basic knowledge to extended practical training. With the right knowledge and skills, your people will develop themselves and your results will benefit from that! Learn all about the training and courses offered by Mushroom Office

Mushroom Course

Live training

During live training, all participants have the same basic knowledge, because all did the e-learning alredy. There is plenty of time to discuss individual questions. This is not only valuable for the one who asked the question, but all participants benefit from sharing knowledge.


Based on the Mushroom Signals book, We developed an e-course. An interactive course you can attend on your desktop, laptop and even on your mobile phone.

Webinar with e-learning

The e-learning combined with a Webinar offers a perfect mix of the theoretical knowledge you gain during the e-learning and your own practical experience linked to it during explanation the Webinar. The trainer, Mark den Ouden will interact with you and other participants. He will answer individual questions.
Online Mushroom Course


Do you want to train your customers or employees? Mushroom Office organises courses, lectures and presentations in every part of the world, at every level of knowledge. 

Study program Composting

Making good compost is the foundation of succesful mushroom growing. For composters and anyone interested in making compost, the Mushroom Signals Composting study program has been developed.


Mushroom Office is due summer holidays closed from

July 14 to August 7

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