Mushroom SIGNALS ESSENTIALS e-learning course

Who is this training course for?

The course is intended for employees whose work requires understanding of the processes involved in mushroom growing and who occasionally have to visit mushroom farms.

What will this course teach you?

  • The course will teach you about the following aspects:What mushrooms are and how they are grown. The most commonly used terminology and the dos and don’ts during your work and on compost yards and mushroom farm visits.

The course is mainly intended for newcomers to the sector like:

    • New Employees of suppliers in the Mushroom Industry.
    • New Employees of Compost yards and Mushroom production farms
    • Potential investors


The courses also can be used on a mobile phone or tablet (you have to download the app).

The course will be available for one year (after starting the course)

For more information and impression of the content, click here


The following subjects will be covered:

The properties of mushrooms

The different phases in the production process

The aim of each production phase

  • The different steps in each phase (actions/ automatic steps of a process)
  • Where the various activities take place
  • The crucial points in each phase to ensure a correct process (main outlines)
  • The dos and don’ts on a mushroom farm

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