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Mark den Ouden

A practical guide to optimal mushroom growing

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‘Learning to look and learning to actually see are two entirely different things.’ 

Mushroom growing is not an exact science. The true art is learning to see, interpret and correctly respond to signals. And that art can be mastered.

This unique book will be presented at the Mushroom Days on June 1 to 3, 2016 in The Netherlands.

Mushroom blog by Mark den Ouden


A new watering system has been in use for some years now. It is a static system that incorporates pipes and nozzles in the beds. With conventional watering systems, a spray lorry moved along the beds. This blog explains the advantages and disadvantages of the static system. How the static system works The static system... Read more

Mushroom composting and growing master class six days

Due to the enormous success of the previous mushroom courses, Mushroom Office is organising the Master class of a six days course from 5 to 10 September 2016. The training will be organised in cooperation with John Peeters. The everyday practice of the participants will be the foundation for the theory within the course.

Next courses:  14 to 19 November and 20 to 25 March 2017!

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